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    Bring the shine back to your smile with dental whitening treatment! At Dr. Rull Clinic we know that you love to look good, for this reason we have prepared a special offer for you.

    Three ways to get the same result

    Types of dental whitening treatments

    Two clinical session

    Faster results, not recommended for patients with dental sensitivity.

    Clinical session + 15 days from home

    Combine the dental whitening treatment from the clinic with the one you can carry out at home

    Home one month-one month and a half

    Recommended for patients with dental sensitivity, effective and lasting.

    Incredible results at short notice.

    A special price for you.

    Until May 15th you can book your appointment for the day you need and get this incredible discount on any dental whitening treatment. ⚠️ Remember: most of the time it is necessary to get a dental cleaningbefore the whitening treatment.

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    We design a 100% personalized treatment plan just for you, with the best economic conditions and with payment facilities.

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