Prosthesis and Aesthetics

The goal of dental prostheses is functional and aestheticat the same time

It must allow us to eat, communicate, smile, and feel comfortable with our image.

The importance of teeth in the pronunciation of sounds is outstanding. Regarding aesthetics, nowadays it plays a great role in our social and professional development and above all it helps us to feel comfortable with ourselves.

A healthy mouth is a reflection of youth, vitality and health.

We work with removable and / or fixed prostheses. Both for the patient who is missing some parts and for the one who does not have teeth. Our treatments are characterized by being completely aesthetic, guided and easily integrated, taking nature as a reference and betting on a concept of natural aesthetics.

Our team of professionals will assess your particular case in detail and offer you the best solution.

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Our specialists

José Luis Rull Rivera

Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics and Implants.

José Luis Rull García

General Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Biological Medicine.

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