We are your trusted Dental Clinic in Ibiza

Come and discover a different clinic, in which we put aside any type of commercial interest and focus on your health.

We are your trusted Dental Clinic in Ibiza

Come and discover a different clinic, in which we put aside any type of commercial interest and focus on your health.

About us

A Dental Clinic for all the family.

At Dr. Rull Clinic we know how important it is for you to take care of your family. For this reason, throughout our 35 years we have characterized ourselves as a family clinic, counting on different specialists who are willing to give the attention, treatment and care that you expect.

We are at the service of all people from Ibiza. We work with dedication to the achievement of excellence in the promotion, restoration and preservation of your health.


Our specialists

We have specialists in all areas of Dentistry. In addition, each of our professionals is exclusively dedicated to their specialty,which means that they have a very broad vision and great experience in the treatments they carry out.


Dental Specialties

We specialize in dental health, guaranteeing a complete and personalizedservice, in which we include simple dental treatments as well as the most complex surgeries.






Pediatric dentistry






Prosthesis and cosmetics


Implants and surgery


Maxillofacial surgery

Your children deserve to live a nice and funexperience in their visit with the dentist. Por eso, en la Clínica Dr. Rull Kids contamos con un ambiente cómodo y preparado especialmente para ellos, único en Ibiza.

Specialized clinic

Personalized attention

Kids' room

Specialized clinic

Personalized attention

Kids' room


Other medical services

-Besides dentistry, we count on Doctor José Luis Rull García, who is in charge of other specialities as aesthetic and biological medicine.

Aesthetic Medicine

Biological Medicine

Look 10 years younger thanks to aesthetic medicine!

We carry out different aesthetic treatments such as: Dermocosmetics, microsurgery, hyaluronic acid, botox and vitamins for the skin.


Dr. José Luis Rull García has more than 30 years of experience on the island. Bring your face to professionals!


We have the highest technology in equipment and human quality that guarantees effective treatments.

We offer more natural and less aggressive methods!

Biological medicine is a combination of different branches of medicine that has a particular focus: the body developing the ability to heal itself.


With the support of pharmacological medicine, we are able to reach a balance that provides greater efficacy in these treatments.


Biological medicine uses safe and effective means of conventional and alternative medicine for curing, reducing or eliminating symptoms and preventing disease.


Patient testimonials

Hundreds of patients have trusted us to improve the health and aesthetics of their smile. Here are some of their testimonials…




Noelia Mateos Cabello
Noelia Mateos Cabello
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I went there with a lot of anxiety and fear because of the damage that has been done to me in previous places, but I got here, advised by a friend. and Dr. Rull assisted me. He makes great fillings and you don't even feel the puncture. All my fear has been taken away, they are great. My daughter was assisted by Marta, a sweetheart and patient doctor with children They are the best 😍😍
Angeles Savall Llopis
Angeles Savall Llopis
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I called for an emergency and they treated me with great professionalism. They solved my problem and took the time to explain everything they had detected, as well as offering me the appropriate solution. I am very grateful to them.
Jordi Ferrer Riera
Jordi Ferrer Riera
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The best dental clinic of the moment. Very good attention, on time; and a very friendly and professional treatment. They have treated me for emergencies (in less than 24 hours!) And for periodic check-ups. Without a doubt, they put a smile on your face... And they also let you choose music inside the consulting room!
Fran Caro
Fran Caro
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I visited Dr. Jose Luis Rull for a check-up. I have never had such an accurate check-up with many techniques. They are lovely people who work with honesty and vocation. You immediately feel like they are 100% focused on your mouth, which is rare nowadays. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for an honest, family-oriented clinic with top-level professionals like Dr. Rull and his team.

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Our Blog

Through our blog, we share tips, recommendations, news and information that may be of interest to all of our patients.

Non-prescription medications

They inform us from the Official College of Pharmacists about medicines that do not require...

Emergency Dentist in Ibiza

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How much do the first visits?

The first visits are not free, except for orthodontics. The first visit for a general assessment has a cost of 30 euros (x-rays included). For other specialists, consult by calling the clinic for more information.

Can I finance my treatment?

Of course, we offer the option of financing with different entities so that you can choose the one that suits you best. In the terms that you decide, even up to 36 months.

I need bone for my implants, can you do it?

It is one of the things we specialise in. We have two surgeons on the team who are experts in bone and gum regeneration with minimally invasive techniques so that your surgery is as mild as possible.

Can I get help in case of an emergency?

We try to attend to emergencies on the same day they call us, but it is not always possible due to scheduling issues. We try to give you the necessary advice, through teleconsultations, until you can come to the clinic.

Why don’t you work with mutuals or insurance companies?

At Dr. Rull Clinic, we want to offer you the highest quality of care. Currently, mutuals or insurance companies force dental clinics to drastically lower prices without even giving compensation in return. That is why working with insurers forces dentists to make the decision to use very low-cost materials or to spend less time on each treatment.

Can you continue with a treatment that was started in another clinic?

Normally yes, but in these cases it is very important to carry out a prior assessment. In many cases we can resume the treatment where you left it or even redo poorly made treatments. Some others, unfortunately, we have to start from scratch.

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