Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a branch within dentistry, specialized in children and young aged patients. This specialty’s concern is the health and oral development of children. Pediatric dentists thoroughly know temporary teeth, growth stages, preventive measures and the most appropriate treatment for each child.

The treatments we offer meet the highest standards of pediatric dentistry, which allows us to provide both preventive and curative care for children, from early childhood to the end of their growth.

We have an inhalation sedation unit (conscious sedation), an option for children who usually show phobia to the dentist, are uncooperative or have special needs, which allows the specialist to perform the treatment safely.

In Dr. Rull Clinic, there is nothing that worries us more than our children’s health, that is why we have created modern facilities, accessible and adapted to children, which hand in hand with our specialists will turn your visit into a pleasant experience within a favorable environment for them.

Treatment for babies:

It is very important to take your child to the pediatric dentist with the eruption of the first milk teethand at the latest when he turns one year old (as we already see cases with cavities at that age). In this way we can PREVENT tooth decay, because cavities are 100% preventable, in order to carry out a Dentistry based on health and not on disease.

A prenatal visit would be ideal to explain the parents the importance of healthy eating and breastfeedingfor the correct development of the jaws (there are high-quality studies on the reduction of malocclusions), the control of non-nutritive sucking habits (nipples, finger suction, etc.), brace abnormalities, and many other topics that should be known before the baby is born.

In the first visit of a baby, most of the time is used to give the parents some “tips” or advice on dental hygiene, toothpastes, the influence of diet on the development of tooth decay and jaws, prolonged breastfeeding , traumatism…

To explore and treat the baby we have a special stretcher adapted for them that allows their safety and support.

It is normal for a baby to cry on a first visit or check-up, but this should not delay it, just like the first time he goes to any place where there is an unfamiliar environment for him; crying is expected and it is normal. But confident and smiling parents who transmit that energy, that well-being to their baby, will let them know that the pediatric dentistry visit can become a wonderful experience.

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