What is periodontics? It is a specialty of dentistry that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that in one way or another affect the gums, root cement and alveolar bone.

The main periodontal diseases are gingivitis (inflammation with bleeding gums) and periodontitis (destruction of the bone that supports the teeth). Untreated gingivitis usually leads to periodontitis, commonly known as pyorrhea, and ends with the loss of teeth.

Gingivitis can be reversed by deflating the gums, beginning with good oral hygieneto control plaque, and continuing with the removal of tartar, periodontal pockets, and other harmful agents.

A favorable control of periodontal disease requires a program aimed at maintaining and improving the results of the initial treatment, as well as preventing the appearance of new conditions. This is the commitment that we have with our patients at Dr. Rull Clinic. The prevention or detection of periodontal diseases in their initial stages is the only way to ensure their control.

Thanks to this conviction and the extensive experience of our multidisciplinary team, we can accompany our patients in the different stages of evolution of this type of disease, in order to make the periodontal treatmentprocess more pleasant for them.

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Our specialists:

José Luis Rull Rivera

Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics and Implants.

Alejandro Castaño Aguilar

Surgery and Periodontics

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