What is endodontics? Endodontics, commonly known as root canal treatment, is a dental procedure that is carried out on those teeth affected by deep cavities that suffer inflammation or necrosis of the dental pulp. It is an intervention by which the pulp of the tooth is removed (totally or partially) to leave the root canal free of bacteria and as aseptic as possible.

It is a procedure that allows to save teethand reduce the cases of extraction

You can get to need a root canal treatment for many reasons such as:

Due to a very large cavity that has reached a nerve It may or may not be visible depending on where it is formed.

Due to a fracture or an impact that you may have received, the nerve can get damaged, causing pain and needing to be treated.

For the simple reason that the tooth is necrotic without any aggression. Our teeth and molars receive many loads and are exposed to impacts, over the years it can happen that they necrosize, it is not very common but it could happen.

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